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The manufacturer may not have a representative office in our country, as a result of which it can not ensure the fulfillment of its guarantee obligations in the amount declared on the site.

Warranty periods for the goods are indicated in the warranty card issued upon receipt of the goods. Also you can find them in the price-list in the corresponding column.

Warranty services for products covered by the manufacturer's warranty are made at authorized service centers (a list of service centers is included in the warranty card). Addresses of some of them you can find on our site. The addresses of our service centers are also presented.

If you have any such need, please contact our service center. If we can not transport your product for repair by our own forces, we are ready to reimburse you the cost of delivery of this equipment for repair, if you confirm it documented.

For all questions related to technical problems that have arisen with the product, as well as on possible return or exchange of goods, please contact our service centers directly.